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Case Study No 1( From a 5yr old SAP CO Consultant)

" I got your bestselling SAP FICO Configuration package and all the accompanying documents and I can't thank you enough! plus you guys have an awesome support and response times. Keep it up! I think you're doing an awesome job with..... "
Your configuration on Product Costing alone has helped me make over $5,500 extra in billing in the very first month .....

"I consider SAP skills so important that I spend a good deal of amount every year to master this skill. There are 2 ways to get this right - either do it yourself or spend tens of thousands of dollars every year taking expensive courses."

"I am glad I came across SAPTOPJOBS. You guys simply overdeliver on every count and your boss as well..., "What Do I say about that..." Great work for the SAP community ! .... "
Syed Ali, Boston,USA
Case Study No 2( From a literally newcomer in SAP FICO watch what he has to say)

"Hi Vish, Your SAP FICO Configuration package is priceless. i really appreciate all the help and support you have provided to me through your fabulous SAP FICO Configuration material. And one thing more....Your tips regarding resume really works... and are really well designed according to the current market requirements. I re-formatted my resume and received three calls within 24 hrs. furthermore i just want you to be among the first to know that i have an interview scheduled on this Friday for SAP FI/CO (CO-PA). Thanks again.(Name Withheld,Canada)

(By the way i later recd a mail that he has got a long term project in US and Canada on COPA.Now remember this guy had zero exp in COPA. If you want to speak to this guy i will give you his phone no and email id in Canada and you can call him and verify the same.)
(Name Withheld,Canada)
Case Study No 3( From a 4 yr old experienced Logistics consultant who took our SAP FICO pack)

"Hi Vish This is William from Windsor in UK. First Happy Independence day from England! First of all I've been enjoying all the free stuff on the web site........ Now I want to take up this offer you made on SAP FICO config pack. SAP FICO isn't even in my area (SCM-EDI-XI), but who could refuse when the keys to the kingdom come at the price of a day's training? Look forward to hearing from you......" ;
W Langlois,Windsor, England
Case Study No 4( From a 7yr old experienced SAP FICO consultant who took our SAP FICO pack)

"Hi Vish,This is Aubrey. You know, I've been at the SAP game for over seven years. A friend and former colleague of mine referred me to your website, which is where I was first introduced to your SAP FICO Configuration Pack.

True to your word, the material was everything you said it was. For one thing, it is very impressively packaged, and for another it's the only one of its kind on the market.

I of course ordered the material without any hesitation not so much because of my lack of knowledge, rather, more because of the convenience of its packaging, ease of use, and a remarkably awesome reference format set-up.
Personally, I think this package and all your future development material should form part of any consultant's reference library. It certainly is a part of mine and well worth its weight in gold

Vish, keep up the great work and I will look forward to your future releases with anticipation."
Case Study No 5( I love this one personally)

"This SAP FICO package is by far the very best investment that I have made for my career. I have been amazed at how detailed instructions are, providing me a wealth of information that is second to none . I have been using this package ..... and have been educated to a wide arrary of information that only experts in this field can provide. I certainly appreciate that and am looking forward to other areas in SAP that the group develops..... "
DAvid Gilley, Virginia,USA
Case Study No 6( From an ABAPER who took our bestselling SAP FICO Pack)

"Hi Vish, How are you today?? Thanks man, I got the material and I already finished reading SAP FI-GL, and some portion of AR and AP. Just now I listened the Networking Audio, this is really amazing. I have strong belief in all the 12 points you said. Once again I thank you for sharing these valuable things with us. Though I don't have real practical experience in SAP FI-CO, after going through the material and the audio I am building confidence. All my friends are working in Java and Weblogic technologies, every one asked me why you are taking SAP, discouraged me but today I am gaining some confidence. Thanks for your support and encouragement...." ;
Nadh,California, USA
From: A.Vishwanath
Dear Fellow SAP FICO Consultant,
First, a Prophet ... I'm not but I believe  ...
The 1st Step To You Becoming a MEGA-SAP FICO Consultant Is To Get Hold Of SAP FICO Configuration Material Which Will Help You Deliver At the Clients Site

What's so great about it Vish, you might be saying. But this is where most of the consultants make a big mistake.

All the SAP FICO Material and Books avialable in the market do not take you by the hand and help you configure the SAP system. They talk about various things but you cannot keep them beside you and start configuring the system.

Show me one book on SAP FICO which you can keep by your side and literally configure the SAP FICO system. There does not exist any book as of today.

Second many people think SAP is a Magical Instrument which was designed to develop some extraordinary reports. Wrong Again ! Consultants forget that they have to get their basics right first. You have to be clear what you want from SAP and Not What SAP Can Give You.

Consultants go through the ream of SAP FICO Help and other related books and drown themselves in content that when they come out of it they are totally lost. Result : They are not confident before the Client and Lose a Golden Opportunity to Get a Project and Settle for a Low Profile Career.

You Need Not Have To Worry About All This Anymore.

We At SAPTOPJOBS Provide You With The Perfect Material Which You Can Keep By Your Side and Literally Configure Every Sub-Module In SAP FICO. Have A Look At Few of Our Configuration Materials Down Below:

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SAP FI GL Configuration Preview

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SAP Product Costing Preview


We Will Take You By The Hand And Help You Climb This Monstrous SAP FICO Module Within No Time Guys,We Promise You That.


Have a Look At Our Impressive Offering of the Configuration Material We Provide In SAP FICO Module


Company code configuration which includes creating chart of accounts,creating posting period variant, defining retained earnings account,creating document types. Define tolerance groups for employees


Configuration for Maximum exchange rate differences


Configuring parallel currencies


Configuration for automatic clearing


Configuration for foreign currency valuation


Configuration for regrouping of GR/IR clearing


Creating financial statement version i.e. defining balance sheet and profit and loss account


Integration - SAP FI- MM automatic account assignment, FI- SD automatic account assignment

SAP New Ledger Configuration

Steps for Activating the New Ledger and Defining Ledgers


Defining Currency Of Leading Ledgers and defining Segment


Defining Document Splitting Char. For GL Accounting


Steps for Activating Document Splitting


Specifying Account Assignment Types For Objects


Defining Account Determination For Real Time Integration


Defining Document Splitting Characteristics For Controlling


Defining Post Capitalization Of Cash Discounts For Assets


Defining and Assigning Variants For Real Time Integration to Company Codes


Classifying G/L Accounts For Document Splitting


Defining Valuation Area and Valuation Methods


Assigning Scenarios And Customer Field To Ledgers


Defining and Assigning Accounting Principles to Ledger Groups


Steps for Carrying Forward Balances of Prior Years


Transfering Documents To New General Ledger Accounting


Defining And Assigning Migration Plan


Executing Migration Cockpit


Complete Month end and Year End Closing Procedures and much more

SAP AR & AP & Bank Accounting

Configuring account groups for Customers and Vendors, defining screen layout per activity for customers and vendors


Deleting customer data


Configuring payment terms


Automatic account assignment for various AR & AP transactions like bank charges, overpayments/underpayments, exchange rate difference, rounding differences


Configuring payment block reasons


Configuring automatic payment program

Includes House bank configuration

Configuring the manual bank reconciliation and the electronic bank reconciliation


Configuration for dunning


Configuration for special G/L transactions like down payment made, down payment received


Configuration for regrouping according to maturity

SAP Asset Accounting

Creating/Copying Depreciaton Areas- Assignment to company Code, Input Tax Indicator Configuration , Screen Layout Rules


Specify Account Determination Rules - Define Asset Classes, Number Ranges, Critical Check Boxes Notification


Integration of Asset Accounting with General Ledger, Defining Posting Rules to Cost Center, Specifiy Financial Statement Versions for Asset Accounting


Complex Depreciation Calculation Procedures- Setting up of Depreciation Areas,depreciation key, Define Cut off Value key


Defining the crucial Base Methods, Declining Balance Methods, Multilevel Methods,Maintaining Period Controls

SAP Cash Management

Defining Value Date, Source Symbols, Master Data, Planning Level and Planning Group


Maintain Groupings, Define Cash Management Account Name, Maintain Structure and Define Distribution Function


Maintain Archive Retention Period, define Manual Planning, Number Ranges, Planning Types and specify Blocked Levels


Specify Special G/L Transaction Levels, Define Down Payment Request ( Customer / Vendors)Bills Of Exchange ( Customer / Vendors), and payment request levels


Define Cash Concentration, Intermediate Account, Clearing Accounts, and Amounts and define Payment Methods for Payment Requests reasons


Specify steps for reorganizing Cash Management and to prepare for Production Start up and Data set up

All month end and year end closing procedures and much more
SAP Funds Management

Maintain and Assign Financial Management Area, Assign company code to financial management area and integrate other related components


Activate Global Funds Management Functions ,Define global parameters And assign Fiscal Year Variant to FM Area


Master Data configuration for Fund center,Creating and changing Hierarchy Variant and assigning Hierarchy Variant to FM Area


Set Up Budget Profiles,Assign Budget Profile to FM Area, complete all the steps for Budgeting and assign number Ranges


Define Tolerances for Availability Control


Define Field Status Variant, Assign Field Status Variant to Company Code. Define Field Selection String, and Document Types

Configuration settings for assigning update profile to FM Area and to override Update Profile
Critical steps for activating/Deactivating Funds Management, following the closing procedures and for carrying forward payment budgets
All month end and year end closing procedures and much more
SAP Investment Management

Define Program Types, Budget Profiles for Investment Programs and assign Budget Profile to Program Type


Define Asset Classes, Asset Class Selection, Order Types for Investment Management and assigning relevant number ranges


Define Reasons for Investment, Scaling factors and Investment Profile


Define Budgets for Investment Orders and assign budget profiles for Order Types


Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control


Complete step by step guide for settlement of Investment orders

All month end and year end closing procedures and much more
SAP Consolidation

Define the relevant Versions, currencies and ledgers.


Define Dimensions,Maintain Hierarchies,Consolidation Groups, Consolidation Frequencies,and Consolidation Units


Define Consolidation Chart Of Accounts,Manually Creating A Chart Of Accounts,assigning Transaction Chart Of Accounts To Cons Chart Of Accounts


Assign Group Chart Of Accounts To CO-Code COA and maintain Item Hierarchies For Consolidation Chart Of Accounts


Maintain FS Items Individually


Copy Hierarchies ,define Breakdown Categories,Specify Selected Items For Posting and data monitoring of Task Groups

Define and Assign Financial Data Types
Define Period Categories and Enable Data Entry For Consolidation Groups
Defining Tasks for Data Collection and specifying Items To Be Carried Forward
Define Task Group and assign Task Group To Dimension
Define Methods For Inter Unit Elimination and define document Types For Inter Unit Elimination..
Define Report Selection and Data Transfer
Assign Consolidation Types To Dimensions
Evaluate The Master Data Of Organizational Units
Copy FS Items From Accounts
Define Data Streams
Defining Consolidation Of Investment and making Global Settings For Investment.
Define C/I Method Assignment and enabling Transfer From FI Accountings To Conc. Ledger
All month end and year end closing procedures and much more
SAP Cost Center Accounting

Maintaining controlling area settings, which includes defining modules which are active i.e. profit center, profitability analysis, internal orders. Assigning company code to controlling area.


Multiple valuation approaches/transfer prices - maintaining currency and valuation profile assigning it to controlling area, creating actual versions for parallel valuations


Cost element accounting - creation of various types of cost elements


Settings for Reconciliation Ledger which includes defining adjustments accounts for reconciliation postings


Creating cost center hierarchy, cost center, cost center groups, activity types, statistical key figures


Creating planning layouts for cost center planning


Configuring various allocation cycles - Distribution, assessment, indirect activity allocation. Configuring the splitting structure


Configuring automatic account assignment table.

SAP Internal Order

Defining Order Types,Model Orders and activating Order Management in the Controlling Area


Maintaining User-Defined Planner Profiles


Complete Settlement Procedure including Maintaining of Allocation Structures and settlement profiles


Complete Asset Under Construction Model


Creating and maintaining Budget Profiles and defining tolerance limits


Complete Month end and year end closing procedures and much more

SAP Product Costing & Material Ledger Configuration

Product Cost Planning- Detailed configuration of overhead keys,costing sheets, overhead groups and Complete Cost Component Structure


Material Cost Estimates - In depth configuration and analysis of the Costing Variants including Valuation variant,Transfer Strategy and Costing Types


Special Features of Cross Company Costing


Complete Cost Object Controlling Configuration across various industries including Repetitive Manufacturing


Complete Integration with Production Planning on Default Order types, parameter checks


Work in Progress Configuration- Calculation of Results Analysis keys,
Valuation Method and Assignments.


Detailed Variance Calculation configuration and setting up of Variance keys


Setting up the Settlement Profile, Allocation and Source Structure
including the complex PA Transfer Structure


Detailed configuration for Sales Order Costing - Make To Order(An absolute steal)


Detailed configuration for Make to Stock ( An absolute steal)


Detailed configuration of Material Ledger ( A real value add)

SAP Profit Center

Maintaining profit center settings, creating dummy profit center, making settings for actual flow of data.


Maintaining profit center hierarchy, creating profit center


Maintaining settings for transfer prices


Maintaining planning layout for profit center planning


Configuring allocation cycles - Distribution, assessment


Maintaining automatic account assignment of revenue elements


Maintaining the additional balance sheet and profit and loss accounts (3KEH)

SAP Profitability Analysis

Configuring the operating concern which includes maintain characteristics, maintain value fields. Copying customizing from an existing operating concern


Maintaining user defined characteristics, maintaining characteristics hierarchy


Define Characteristics derivation


Configuring valuation strategies. Valuation using standard cost estimate


Configuring condition tables and costing sheets


Manual planning, automatic planning, integrated planning


Configuring the value flow from SD to COPA, configuring the value flow from FI, MM to COPA


Configuring assessment cycle for value flow from CO to COPA


Configuring settlement of production variances to COPA


Configuring Profitability reports for COPA


We also provide Stunning User Training Documents and Power Point Presentations for Each of the Above SAP FI CO Sub Modules.


SAP FICO End User Training Documents


These User Training Documents cover the entire Master Data, Day to Day Transactions and the Month End and Period End Closing Activities for each of the SAP FI-CO Sub Modules laid out above.

They come with Step by Step with SAP screen shots& compliment the SAP FICO Configuration Material . Infact this alone is worth the entire price you pay.


Power Point Presentations


The Power Point Presentations we present are one of its kind. They are not the usual ones you see floating around in the SAP FICO Market. They are tailor made to gel with the Configuration and User Training Documents. They provide Rich Content which you can use to enchance your knowledge and use it in your Blue Printing Phase of Your Project.










Resume Builder(Check Out The Bonuses Below)


SAP Networking Skills(Check Out The Bonuses Below)




CO-PP Special Report(Check out the Bonuses Below)


LSMW(Data Upload Tool)(Check out the Bonuses Below)



What Else Do You Want My Dear Friend?

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All These Come In 11 Power Packed CDS Delivered AT Your Doorstep 4 days after you place the order by your Friendly Man from FEDEX. We ship to all countries in the world and the cost includes the shipping cost.

If you wish we will also send you the download link of all these documents. Just shoot us an email after you have completed your purchase.


The 2nd Step To Becoming a Mega-FICO Consultant is to "Position Yourself Properly "


ITS ALL TRUE: I’ve heard it before – I can Hear you Saying . But "Are You Enjoying the Lifestyle which Very Few SAP Consultants Are Living" So, are you a millionaire yet? Are you earning six-figures?

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There are many aspects to Positioning yourself properly. But there are two basic things for you to get right.

1. Build An Impressive Resume

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Resume Building FREE

For a short time only we will be working with candidates who are interested in Building an Impressive Resume We give you all the various Do's and Dont's of Resume Making (valued $69.00) with every copy of the The SAP FICO Configuration Package that is ordered.

We also have got years of recruitment experience behind us and know exactly what the client looks for in a CV. We will provide all those hot tips to you which will increase your interview calls and the chances of you getting selected ...

You'll also receive 4 top resumes which have got interview calls the moment they were sent.You can use these as templates for your resume making.All this will come with your pack of CD.

The importance of Resume building cannot be cut short in SAP and we will ensure that we work all the way to the end with you. Be Rest Assured About That. We will provide you with an email id and telephone number which will help you correspond with us

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For a short time only we are also giving you one more impressive bonus which alone will help you get excellent projects with stunning pay packets.

The FICO Interview Question & Answer BOOK- How to Clear Each and Every Interview You Give- 100 % Success Assured.

This Book would virtually be your Bible in FICO. It will contain all the questions and answers right from Configuration to Enterprise Structures to Master Data to Transactions in All the Above Sub-Modules in SAP FICO. (valued $99.00)

You get this with every copy of The SAP FICO Configuration Package that is ordered.

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FREE 30 Minute Power Packed Audio Session On 13 Critical Elements of SAP Networking!

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It is true that to come to this level takes couple of years but people forget that one of the key factors which influence your career growth is "People". Mix with the Right People and your growth will be 10 times quicker than others.

Do Not be Afraid If all These Seems Daunting to You. Look at Me. I started from scratch and so have many others. My dad did not know anyone in SAP nor did he have the funds to pay $5000 for a SAP Class. I am glad I did not go to one.

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BONUS 3: 30 Minute Power Packed Audio Session On 13 Critical Elements of SAP Networking which any Person can Implementing Starting Today

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I will reveal my entire networking secrets to you in this CD. You will be amazed at how I landed up with big assignments . More of that in the Audio CD you get with every pack of the SAP FICO Configuration Package.

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For those of you who have been in SAP you know very well that Report Painter is a very sought out added skill required by every client and consulting company.

It is an excellent tool which helps you prepare wonderful reports in SAP required by top management without the help of ABAPERS. It is a must needed skill set in todays cross functional market and is very much in demand.

This Report Painter document (valued at $119.00) works like a piece of cake and you will love it.

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SAP CO-PP Integration Special Report FREE

When it comes to analysing the results of a production or process order at the end of the month every consultant invariably struggles. The explanation of variances and the month end processes have always sent shivers down the spines of even the best SAP FICO consultants. But all this is a thing of the past.

As a compliment to every purchase of the SAP FICO pack we are presenting to you this brand new report which takes a process order and goes into the minutest details of every variance calculated. The SAP FICO Product Costing configuration covers variance calculation but this one takes you to the next level by explaining the real results of a complex production order in depth. It also covers the total month end process for that order.I cannot put a dollar value to it. This report is priceless.

Every consultant who knows its true value would do anything to get his/her hands on to this piece of wonder. But for a limited time this is free just for you. .Go Grab it right now and become the most revered consultant in your project.

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Over the past few years cut off procedures and pre go live checks have become very critical for a project's success. We are very much aware of this and so we have included a very special report which will hold you by the hand and help you complete the cut-off procedure and pre-go live check to the clients satisfaction.

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LSMW is an excellent data upload tool which SAP has provided. This is again a very sought after skill in todays mutli tasking SAP market. You can upload any master data like GL Master Data, Vendor Master Data, Asset Master,Customer Master throught his tool. You do not need the ABAPER at all .

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